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Summary0001170: p_rgh formulation
DescriptionFOAM 1.7.0 release notes state:

'Multiphase and buoyant flow solvers now solve for p_rgh=p-r g x, rather than the static pressure p. This change is to avoid deficiencies in the handling of the pressure force / buoyant force balance on non-orthogonal and distorted meshes.'

I've done an extensive search in Rhi-Chow formulation extensions for buoyant/source terms, the closest references to the topic I've found are:

Matos, et al. (2009), New Formulations for Stress Calculation: Application to Viscoeslastic Flow in a T-Junction


Jure Mencinger & Iztok Zun (2007), On the finite volume discretization of discontinuous body force field on collocated grid: Application to VOF method

and their references to:

Gu (1991), Computation of flows with large body force and
Choi (199), Note on the use of momentum interpolation method for unsteady flows

The authors suggest that large body forces can be better handled including them in the velocity interpolation at faces, which is somewhat done choosing p_rgh=p-r g x. Even though no discussion is given respect to the issue with non-orthogonal meshes.

Do you have any pointers to works in citable form about this topic?. I'm writing a paper based in OpenFOAM technology and would like to add some references.
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2014-02-20 09:54

manager   ~0002863

I derived and implemented the p_rgh formulation to avoid numerical issues associated with the interaction of large gradients of the buoyancy force with mesh irregularity. For many cases this help significantly but it only moderates the errors associated with non-orthogonality, it does not resolve the issue completely.

This work is publised in the form of code in OpenFOAM.

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