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0001165OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2015-01-18 21:21
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Summary0001165: Fedora link in the "Download" menu and respective page
DescriptionThe "Download" menu still has a link to the Fedora RPM pack page -
In addition, that page for Fedora is a bit misleading, since there are no OpenFOAM 2.3.0 RPM packages for it :(
Additional InformationThumbs up on the RPM packages for RHEL!
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2014-02-18 19:51

updater   ~0002856

Sorry, forgot to also report a couple of more details, and since they are all in the same topic regarding the new pages, here goes:

1. I don't have access to a RHEL 6.x installation, but according to CentOS and Distrowatch, Qt 4.6.2 is the default version:
I say this because on the following pages, it is indicated that the default is Qt 1.4.6:

2. There are references to "The GCC compiler may need to be upgraded to version 4.7 or higher" when addressing RHEL related instructions, but it sort-of clashes with the indication in the section "Checking the System", where it says: "GCC: 4.5.0 and above"


2015-01-17 19:21

updater   ~0003549

This bug report looks like it can be closed, as the reported issues have already been fixed.

The last detail on the previous comment might need some reviewing, but I'm guessing that the ambiguity is related to "minimum" being 4.5.0 vs "suggested" being 4.7.0.

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