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0000115OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2010-12-21 15:16
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Summary0000115: displacementLaplacian solver with sixDofRigidBodyDisplacement BC fails in parallel.
DescriptionWhen using the sixDofRigidBodyDisplacement BC with the displacementLaplacian meshMotion solver (I am trying to simualte a floating object) in parallel, I get an error of points size mismatch:
The output looks like:
Selecting motion solver: displacmentLaplacian
Selecting motion diffusion: inverseDistance
[1] size 94 is not equal to the given value of 95
[1] file: xxx/processor1/0/pointDisplacement::BoundaryField::Hull

Steps To ReproduceThe tutorial test case WingMotion2D_pimleDymFoam works in parallel, while my case doesn't. I don't knwo if it is due to the fact that it is 3D, or the fact that the mesh has been imported from fluent format, or the numebr of partitions (i am using 8 now).

If I use just two partitions, the case works.
Additional InformationMy mesh has been created via ICEM, exported in fluent format, and then converted to OF with the fluent3DtoFoam utility..
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2010-12-21 15:16


There is a problem with the decomposition of point fields (i.e. pointDisplacement) in 1.7.x - this is fixed in our internal development version and will be available in the next major release. In the meantime it is possible to workaround it.

I've pushed an Allrun_parallel script for the floating object tut into 1.7.x, commit:


which shows the method. Decompose the mesh before copying to 0 in each processor directory, so the pointDisplacement field is not operated on by the decomposition.

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