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0001143OpenFOAMBugpublic2015-02-14 22:33
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Summary0001143: wrong index passed to constructor of polyMeshModifier in polyTopoChanger::readModifiers()
Descriptionin line 67 and following of dynamicMesh/polyTopoChange/polyTopoChanger/polyTopoChanger.C:

in modifiers.set(....) the index of the modifier in the polyTopoChanger, modifierI, is passed to polyMeshModifier::New, however, the index of the corresponding patch in the boundaryMesh should be passed to the constructor.
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2014-01-30 11:19


The individual polyMeshModifiers get constructed with their index into the overall list of modifiers. (this is similar to the way polyPatches or zones get constructed).


2014-01-30 14:43


from the source code documentation, however, it says this:

label index ( ) const

Return the index of this patch in the boundaryMesh.

Definition at line 150 of file polyMeshModifier.H.

This was misleading me. Actually I see now its about the faceZone index,whihc is not necessarily the same as the patch index in the boundary mesh.
Perhaps the documentation text should be changed?


2015-02-14 22:10

updater   ~0003776

I can confirm tehache's latest comment, where in the file "dynamicMesh/polyTopoChange/polyMeshModifier/polyMeshModifier.H", there is this description for the variables:

    // Private data

        //- Name of zone
        word name_;

        //- Index of zone
        label index_;

But then for the method it wrongly refers to a patch index, instead of zone index:

        //- Return the index of this patch in the boundaryMesh
        label index() const
            return index_;

After using "grep" for looking for other similar occurrences, my guess is that this comment was inherited after a copy-paste from here: "OpenFOAM/meshes/Identifiers/patch/patchIdentifier.H" ;)


2015-02-14 22:33

manager   ~0003778

Roselved by commit ac39cc30159cc07331d661a71795b3ae8faa4d54

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