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0001132OpenFOAMBugpublic2014-01-16 11:45
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PlatformIcc/ClangOSCentOS6.3/Mac OS 10.9.1 
Summary0001132: sprayFoam hangs
DescriptionsprayFoam hangs after a few iterations. The time where it hans seems to be the same on each run, but changes with different mesh/domain sizes and other options.
Steps To ReproduceAttached is a simplified case that hangs 0.04 seconds in to the simulation.
Additional InformationLogs from an example run and an example case are included as attachment. Investigation with gdb seems to indicate that the problem might have something to do with trackToFace() function or possibly in move() routines.

Simulation always hans at this point :

Courant Number mean: 0.00363809 max: 0.201145
deltaT = 7.18426e-05
Time = 0.0405168

Solving 3-D cloud sprayCloud

--> Cloud: sprayCloud injector: model1
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I've reproduced the problem. A particle does get stuck at the boundary.

I think the case setup here is to blame. The particles are set to rebound off all the boundaries in the domain, but the gas boundary condition is that of an outlet. The particles are dragged towards the boundary by the exiting gas, but cannot leave, so they get closer and closer to the edge of the domain. Eventually, the tolerances in the tracking procedure mean that one gets stuck. If you reduce the write interval to get some output before the run hangs, you can see the particles bunch up on the boundary.

If I set the particles to escape at the boundary, or the gas boundary condition to that of a wall, the simulation runs fine.


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Thanks, the particles not escaping was the probelm. Sorry to waste your time.

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