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0000103OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2011-01-07 16:21
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Summary0000103: Compressible Smagorinsky asks for k where incompressible does not
DescriptionThe compressible Smagorinsky turbulence model asks for k at the start of the simulation, where the incompressible does not. The source is the file GenEddyVisc.C, the base class, where k has to be read (MUST_READ). The implementation of the incompressibel model differs, so k is not asked.
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2010-12-08 12:33

manager   ~0000169

If it is important that the compressible Smagorinsky model does not require the k field we can plan to reorganize the compressible LES models to conform to this requirement.


2010-12-08 12:43


It was just confusing to me as I did not expect this. In my understanding, Smagorinsky does not need k. Neither in incompressible nor compressible case. So, if possible and if it does not affect the calculation, the reorganization should be performed.
Regards, Georg


2011-01-07 16:21

manager   ~0000205

I have just completed this reorganisation in our development line and it will be included in our next release.

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