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Summary0001008: UserGuide gives wrong relation between absolute and sensible enthalpy
DescriptionThe UserGuide (p. 181, eq. 7.1) specifies

h = h_s + \sum_i c_i \Delta h_f^i

where c_i is said to be the molar fraction. This is clearly wrong, and c_i should be the mass fraction instead (commonly Y_i). See e.g. Kuo, "FUNDAMENTALS OF TURBULENT AND MULTIPHASE COMBUSTION", 2012, p. 19, table 1.4)
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2013-09-12 18:02

reporter   ~0002487

OpenFOAM uses internally units [J/kmol] for enthalpy, hence the mole averaging. This could probably be mentioned in the user guide.

In the source code, typically upper case letters (e.g. Ha) indicate [J/kg] and lower case (e.g. ha) [J/kmol].

see also:


2013-09-13 05:16


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Ah, yes, in that case it is correct. I agree, though, that this certainly should be mentioned in the user guide.


2014-02-18 09:20


not a bug in OpenFOAM

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