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0000877OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2015-02-02 20:44
Reporteruser674Assigned Touser4 
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PlatformUnixOSDebianOS Version4.6.3-15
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Summary0000877: checkMesh non-orthogonality fails after createPatch
DescriptionCreating a hybrid mesh in gmsh and conversion to OpenFoam using gmshToFoam works properly (checkMesh does not complain). After using createPatch the non-orthogonality check of checkMesh fails (non-orthogonality ~180). You find the isolated non-orthogonal faces attached, those are the cyclics.

This is only the case for the new OpenFoam Version 2.2.0 in the older version everything worked fine and checkMesh did not complain. The computation on the grid seems to work.
Steps To ReproduceI am not sure if this only occurs for gmsh meshes. It should be easily reproducible following the steps mentioned above.
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2013-06-05 07:43


pzmcyr5v9ucg.jpg (43,255 bytes)
pzmcyr5v9ucg.jpg (43,255 bytes)


2013-06-10 07:01

reporter   ~0002266

Maybe related to this?


2013-06-10 07:59


Yes, seems to be the same problem. Sorry for double posting.


2015-02-02 20:44


Fixed in 22x in a1264baad44158d49c262db1350b16f19ab0331c

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