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0000081OpenFOAMBugpublic2010-11-15 15:09
Reporteruser47Assigned Touser4 
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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntuOS Version9.10
Summary0000081: Wrong description in directMappedVelocityFluxFvPatchField.H
DescriptionThe description of the directMappedVelocityFlux boundary condition in the directMappedVelocityFluxFvPatchField.H file states:

    Recycles the velocity and flux at a patch to this patch

    mode = NEARESTCELL : sample nearest cell
    mode = NEARESTPATCHFACE : sample nearest face on selected patch
    mode = NEARESTFACE : sample nearest face on any patch. Note: does not
                         warn if nearest actually is on internal face!"

But the NEARESTCELL option is not implemented in directMappedVelocityFlux, only in the directMappedFixedValue bc.
Could the mode = NEARESTCELL line be removed in the header file to avoid confusion for less-experienced users?

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2010-11-15 15:09


fixed in 9b40747868b12b6b999e69952de7cbeaee870d1d

Thanks for reporting.

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