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0000059OpenFOAMBugpublic2010-11-01 18:07
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Summary0000059: Size control in DynamicField
DescriptionIs there a possibility of having a templated size-control option (i.e., using a SizeInc/SizeMult/SizeDiv) for DynamicField, similar to the DynamicList approach? It would be better than blindly increasing the size of the field by 2, like it is right now.

I don't see this being an issue from a programming stand-point, but it would be a nice feature to have.

A less urgent feature-request would be to implement features that have been left out of DynamicField (like the remove() member, clearStorage(), etc..)
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2010-10-22 11:42


DynamicField is lagging a bit with respect to DynamicList. Feel free to add the missing bits (also the size control) and send them to me.


2010-10-23 19:43



2010-10-23 19:54


I've uploaded the modifications with (most of) the missing bits. It mostly mimics the DynamicList functionality, but I was unsure about adding other Field functions like xfer(), transfer(), map(), rmap(), etc... I guess the inheritance hierarchy takes care of those for the moment, but pointer bugs may arise if we're not careful, so I leave that analysis to you.

I also noticed that the constructor for DynamicList specifies an over-ride for the underlying size:

template<class T, unsigned SizeInc, unsigned SizeMult, unsigned SizeDiv>
inline Foam::DynamicList<T, SizeInc, SizeMult, SizeDiv>::DynamicList
    const label nElem
    // we could also enforce SizeInc granularity when (!SizeMult || !SizeDiv)
    List<T>::size(0); <--- Shouldn't this not be there??

I agree that memory is un-initialized, but it gives the false impression that the List is sized to 'nElem', while it's artificially set to zero. Is this behaviour intentional?


2010-10-29 13:36


I've updated DynamicField (commit 96dcbab7e165db56d78f36d14349b7db9777e1ea).

- I've removed the tmp handling - do you need it?
- the List::size(0) is intentional. That constructor just allocates memory which you then can fill with 'append'.


2010-11-01 17:07


I guess this level of functionality should suffice for now, thanks.


2010-11-01 18:07


commit 96dcbab7e165db56d78f36d14349b7db9777e1ea

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