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0000589OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2012-07-19 18:03
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Summary0000589: Typo in comment section at beginning of oneEqEddy.H
DescriptionAt the top comment section of oneEqEddy.H there is the transport equation for the turbulent kinetic energy.

        d/dt(k) + div(U*k) - div(nuEff*grad(k))
        -B*L - ce*k^3/2/delta

The last term in this equation is erroneous. It states:


but in oneEqEddy.C

fvm::Sp(ce_*sqrt(k_)/delta(), k_)

is implemented, which reads:

ce*sqrt(k)*k/delta = ce*k^(3/2)/delta

This can also be found in literature by Davidson, Kim & Menon and Fureby
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2012-07-19 13:33

reporter   ~0001475

Also the term 'B*L' is not clearly defined in the Header file. Although 'B' is defined in the comments, 'L' is not.

In oneEqEddy.C instead of 'B*L' the symbol 'G' is used.


2012-07-19 18:03

manager   ~0001476

Resolved by commit 8d649a148591e4b7bbd6d79beec7420d7df3213f

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