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0000519OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2012-04-23 21:36
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Summary0000519: code missing in nonNewtonianIcoFoam.C
Descriptionsmall code is missing in nonNewtonianIcoFoam.C

in nonNewtonianIcoFoam.C, replace...

        fvVectorMatrix UEqn
          + fvm::div(phi, U)
          - fvm::laplacian(, U)


        fvVectorMatrix UEqn
          + fvm::div(phi, U)
          - fvm::laplacian(, U)
          - (fvc::grad(U) & fvc::grad(

That is, the code "- (fvc::grad(U) & fvc::grad(" is missing in UEqn.
See for example interFoam solver.
Additional Information"- (fvc::grad(U) & fvc::grad(" must be added to get correct results
Have done several simulations for coaxial cylinders viscometer using Bingham viscoplastic fluid. The only time I can reproduce the correct result is when I have this term added. The correct analytical solution is attained by the Reiner-Riwlin equation.
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2012-04-23 21:36

manager   ~0001283

Thanks for the bug-report.
Resolved by commit ab294fde8152d65bc572622692e0c55168692cab

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