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0004006OpenFOAMBugpublic2023-08-16 09:35
Reportertniemi Assigned Towill  
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Summary0004006: pureMixture + multicomponent no longer working in dev
DescriptionI noticed that with recent dev multicomponent modules/phases (eg. multicomponentFluid or multicomponentPhaseModel) no longer work if used together with pureMixture thermo. If one tries this, there is immediate segfault. In OF-11 things work, but not anymore in dev.

Unfortunately I jumped over many commits, so I don't know if this is due to thermo changes a few weeks back, or the quite recent "Construct Yslicer on demand" commit. The segfault happens inside "GeometricFieldListSlicer".

This issue is not severe as one could always use single-component solvers and/or multicomponent solvers with one specie to simulate pure mixtures. With modular solvers this is quite easy nowadays. Alternatively to fixing this the pureMixture support could be removed, but a better error message would be needed.
Steps To ReproduceTake eg. multicomponentFluid/filter tutorial, comment out clouds, change multicomponentMixture -> pureMixture in physicalProperties and rename N2 -> mixture.
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