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0003977OpenFOAMBugpublic2023-04-29 21:48
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Summary0003977: volume fraction of dispersed phase in drag model Ergun
DescriptionThe definition of CdRe for the Ergun drag model is correct only for one dispersed phase, and wrong for more than one.
In lines 67-75 of Ergun.C it is computed as

           *max(1 - continuous, dispersed.residualAlpha())
           /max(continuous, continuous.residualAlpha())
          + 1.75

The numerator of the fraction in the first term of the sum should be the volumetric fraction of the dispersed phase, which is different from (1-continuous) when there are multiple dispersed phases.
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2023-04-29 21:48

manager   ~0013007

Resolved by commit 4c68b4bf5b5a809d2c9e41b2123f3bc89a1f0e40

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