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0003919OpenFOAMBugpublic2022-11-06 19:07
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Summary0003919: RE: 0003894: Mesh refiner cannot access rho_U field from objectRegistry
DescriptionIssue previously reported in
resolved by commit 30eb5e28e65d359dbe8c350b9073dcd492172904

I checked this earlier and works fine for first-order ddt schemes but still throws the unable to find rhoU_0 error when a second-order ddt scheme is used.
Steps To ReproduceRun the aachen bomb tutorial as defined in issue #0003894, but change ddt scheme to backward.
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2022-10-21 15:13

manager   ~0012822

Correct, 2nd-order ddt schemes are not currently or previously supported with mesh refinement and other topology changes. It would take some careful thought and significant development effort to resolve this limitation, if you have budget for this work please contact CFD Direct.


2022-10-21 15:14

manager   ~0012823

Pending funding.


2022-11-06 19:07

manager   ~0012861

Resolved by commit 731b741b510a0bc7f9f74c33bbe71a36facc19a3

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