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0003905OpenFOAMBugpublic2022-10-23 10:17
Reporterevamaria Assigned Tohenry  
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Fixed in Version10 
Summary0003905: EDC v2016 - wrong limits
DescriptionIn the EDC.C (this applies for OpenFOAM-9 and OpenFOAM-10), the parameters Ctau and Cgamma for the EDC-Model are calculated for v2016.
According to the reference in the EDC.H file [1] the constants are limited to their default values, which are:
Cgamma_ = 2.13777
Ctau_ = 0.4083

The limits are set differently - the default values were mixed up:
const scalar CtauI = min(C1_/(Da*sqrt(ReT + 1)), 2.1377);
const scalar CgammaI =
                max(min(C2_*sqrt(Da*(ReT + 1)), 5), 0.4082);

[1] Parente, A., Malik, M. R., Contino, F., Cuoci, A., & Dally, B. B. (2016).
      Extension of the Eddy Dissipation Concept for turbulence/chemistry interactions to MILD combustion.
      Fuel, 163, 98-111.

Additional InformationSuggested changes:

#Line 143 in OF-9 and Line 138 in OF-10
const scalar CtauI = max(min(C1_/(Da*sqrt(ReT + 1)), 5), 0.4082);

#Line 145-146 in OF-9 and Line 143-144 in OF-10
const scalar CgammaI =
     min(C2_*sqrt(Da*(ReT + 1)), 2.13777);
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2022-10-21 11:46

reporter   ~0012820

I can confirm that there is such a mix in coefficients compared to ones reported in the original journal paper.

Note that in the constructor, these coefficients are set in right order:
    Cgamma_(this->coeffs().lookupOrDefault("Cgamma", 2.1377)),
    Ctau_(this->coeffs().lookupOrDefault("Ctau", 0.4083)),

, but used explicitly in wrong order as described in the original post.


2022-10-21 11:53

manager   ~0012821

I have forwarded the issue to the authors of the paper who also contributed the implementation but so far not heard back. I will make the suggested change assuming it is what the authors intended.


2022-10-23 10:17

manager   ~0012825

Resolved in OpenFOAM-10 by commit 6b938e005bb3ec5b53822540983d8292c483fcb8
Resolved in OpenFOAM-dev by commit e8325bbcecdec4e54e5476d1bc9755478cb86c80

It is not clear why the coefficients were hard-coded for the v2016 variant but run-time modifiable for the others, I have changed the code to use the coefficients consistently pending a response from the authors of the paper and implementation.

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