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0003877OpenFOAMBugpublic2022-11-26 17:32
Reportertniemi Assigned Tochris  
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Summary0003877: OpenFOAM user guide v10&v9, old description of dictionary syntax in 4.2.9 Macro expansion
DescriptionI noticed that in the user guide in section 4.2.9 Macro expansion, the description of slash and dot syntax is mixed up and not fully updated. The first example in the guide uses the newer slash syntax, but the rest refer to the older dot syntax. Using the '/' symbol is also called "dot" syntax.
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2022-11-21 21:35

reporter   ~0012876

The issue has been commented here
It seems the dot notation is not working, or at least it doesn't work properly with the ":" symbol to indicate root scope.

In my case I could only make my files work with v10 if I completely moved to the slash "/" and exclamation "!"notation. This is contrary to the comments in the code cited in that discussion.


2022-11-22 06:26

reporter   ~0012877

I guess the best documentation for the new, default slash syntax is given in this commit:

The old dot syntax is still available, but it has to be manually activated via OptimisationSwitches as explained in the commit message.


2022-11-26 17:32

manager   ~0012882

Thanks for reporting. I think this is fixed now, with additional information about accessing entries from other files

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