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0003848OpenFOAMFeaturepublic2022-12-06 12:18
Reportermuriel Assigned Tochris  
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Summary0003848: problem installing with docker permission account issue
DescriptionHello, i am trying to "install" openFoam on my workstation. It is on Opensuse Leap 15.3.
I've tried several times and ways to firs allow me as user to manage docker, and then even as root, when running openfoam9-linux as root and pulling all layers, at the end it tells me it can't proceed for permission issue.
I followed the steps on this page :
muriel@panthera:~/OpenFOAM/muriel-9> sudo openfoam9-linux
Launching /usr/bin/openfoam9-linux
User: "root" (ID 0, group ID 0)
...15 pulls completed
docker: unauthorized: authentication required.
I must have misunderstood somethign with DOCKER as i have never used it before, could you please help me ? thank you very much.
Steps To Reproduce>openfoam9-linux
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2022-06-20 09:28

updater   ~0012629

@muriel Quick question: In the example you've first given, you used 'sudo' with 'openfoam9-linux'... Why?

The instructions at don't state that... from your description, it's not clear where things have gone wrong :(


2022-12-06 12:18

manager   ~0012911

Issue apparently resolved

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