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0003684OpenFOAMBugpublic2021-06-10 08:44
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Summary0003684: Incorrect coefficients of polynomial in limiter
DescriptionThe coefficents a_ and b_ in cubicGradientLimiter.H do not satisfy some of the conditions on the derivatives from the original reference.

Expanding the polynomial that defines r leads to a r^3 + b^2 + r, which is zero and has derivative equal to 1 for r = 0. However, the behavior for r= rt is incorrect (the value of the polynomial should be 1 and its derivative should be zero).

The correct values of the coefficients are:

a = -2/rt^3 + 1/rt^2
b = -1/(2*rt) - 3*a*rt/2

Originally found by Shannon Leakey ( ). I have verified the results reported in the CFD-online post and are correct.
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2021-06-10 08:44

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Resolved by commit eea13a52b2e02d32f5cccf82e59bff53b38c18d3

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