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0003617OpenFOAMBugpublic2021-01-25 11:02
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Summary0003617: Calculation of psiu and muu in heheuPsiThermo.C uses false temperature reference
DescriptionIn version 8 (and dev) the calculation of psiu and muu uses T as the temperature field instead of Tu, leading to wrong results for solvers using psiuReactionThermo, e.g. XiFoam. For the 'moriyoshiHomogeneous' turorial case this leads to wildly varying combustion progress at the end of the run, with <1 % for version 8 and ~40.5 % for version 7.
Steps To ReproduceRun the 'moriyoshiHomogeneous' turorial case with XiFoam in version 7 and 8. The difference in combustion progress is visible in the log.
Additional InformationFurther analysis showed that heheuPsiThermo.C uses different Temperature fields to calculate psiu and muu in version 8 vs 7, namely T instead of Tu. Modifying version 8 to use Tu for the calculation of psiu and muu leads to approximately equal combustion progress of ~40.5 % for both versions (see attached log files).
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Thanks for reporting, resolved in

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