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Summary0003306: Extension to the age function object
DescriptionHi everybody,

I am already in contact with Henry. However, I want to sum it up for transparency here. As I am implementing the comfort library into a function object right now, I want to avoid duplication of code (also Henry mentioned that). The mean age of air calculation (which is a common quantity for HVAC applications) can be calculated by the already implemented age function object library. However, this quantity needs the diffusion term (e.g., Bartak M. et al., Experimental and numerical study of local mean age of air). The Schmidt number of (laminar and turbulent) are set to 1. Thus, we can use the muEff or nuEff quantity from the turbulence model.

For that purpose, I added the diffusion term which can be switched on and off now.
Additionally, to that, I added the convergence criteria for the correction loop (nCorr).

For that extension (diffusion), I also have a tutorial in mind that demonstrates the usage as well as a comparison to experimental data.
I can also work on that tutorial and validation.

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2019-07-13 16:19


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2019-07-14 21:49

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Hi all, after some more discussion with Henry and his tweaking, the new function object is attached. The new age function object now includes the option to add the diffusion term using the coefficient muEff or nuEff and a tolerance abort extension.


2019-10-08 16:19

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