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0000326OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2011-10-31 09:23
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Summary0000326: Printing reactions causes fatal error
DescriptionPrinting a Reaction (to an Ostream) outside of the chemistry reader that constructed it causes a fatal error because the speciesTable object gets deleted with the chemistry reader (in reactingMixture constructor).
Steps To ReproduceDownload and compile attached example application (chemFoamEx1).
Run chemFoam tutorial (e.g. h2) with chemFoamEx1.
Additional InformationProposed fix:

Make speciesTable_ member of chemistry readers static. See attached chemkinReader source that works for me. foamChemistryReader should be updated as well.
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2011-10-27 00:20


rxnPrintBug.tgz (8,037 bytes)


2011-10-27 09:29

manager   ~0000756

If the speciesTable_ member is made static it will not be possible to instantiate more than one chemistry reader as the speciesTable_ would effectively be shared between them. We need a solution which avoids this restriction.


2011-10-27 14:06


Thanks for the report - output behaviour has been corrected by commit 1ff9f361.

Also see commits 47bd9ba9 and 23470a59 which relate to updates for the chemkinToFoam utility and reaction I/O.


2011-10-28 23:03

reporter   ~0000772

Apologies if I'm doing something silly, but I'm not seeing any of the commits mentioned. Did they not get pushed to github or am I missing something?


2011-10-31 09:23


indeed - apologies - all should now be up to date

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