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0003105OpenFOAMBugpublic2018-11-13 09:34
Reporterjherb Assigned Towill  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Platform SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11OSLinuxOS Version3.0.101-108.41-d
Summary0003105: chtMultiRegionFoam checks for closedVolume in transient (PIMPLE) case, where it probably should not
DescriptionSince the unification of the SIMPLE and the PIMPLE variant of the chtMultiRegionFoam solvers, it is always checked, if the solver is running in a "closedVolume" by calling adjustPhi at

But this call we result in a fatal error at if the case has e.g. just one inlet with a given velocity and is initialized at a given pressure.

This should be a valid simulation: Flow goes into the volume, pressure goes up, and vice versa. (If the fluid is compressible).

The pressure equation of buoyantPimpleFoam is nearly the same: but there is no such check for a closed volume. In buoyantSimpleFoam, there is:

So the following patch would probably fix the problem:

diff --git a/applications/solvers/heatTransfer/chtMultiRegionFoam/fluid/pEqn.H b/applications/solvers/heatTransfer/chtMultiRegionFoam/fluid/pEqn.H
index d2186a7..05446e6 100644
--- a/applications/solvers/heatTransfer/chtMultiRegionFoam/fluid/pEqn.H
+++ b/applications/solvers/heatTransfer/chtMultiRegionFoam/fluid/pEqn.H
@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@
 MRF.makeRelative(fvc::interpolate(rho), phiHbyA);
-const bool closedVolume = adjustPhi(phiHbyA, U, p_rgh);
+const bool closedVolume = mesh.steady() && adjustPhi(phiHbyA, U, p_rgh);
 const bool adjustMass = closedVolume && !thermo.incompressible();
 phiHbyA += phig;

Additional InformationThis is applicable to OpenFOAM-6 and current OpenFOAM-dev
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2018-11-13 09:34

manager   ~0010178

Thanks for the report. Resolved in dev by commit 7b3cc689, and in version 6 by 9763346f.

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