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0002889OpenFOAMBugpublic2018-03-26 16:04
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Summary0002889: #calc converts all variables to float
Description#calc is a great way to perform simple calcs on the fly, and thus avoid hand calculation errors

However, I have noticed a strange behaviour when I use variables that have small values.

For example, if I have some parameters defined in a file:

// material properties
nu 1.0e-8;
// data for gradient calculation
U0 1.0;
dUdx #calc "$U0 / $nu";

which is then #include-d in a dict, then I get a floating point exception.

Looking into the dynamicCode generated:


os << (1.000000 / 0.000000);

i.e. the doubles have been printed in some kind of %f format and reduced to zero.
Steps To Reproduce#include a file, with some parameters which are calculated, inside a dict

run an application which accesses this dict

I've attached a very simple example to demonstrate this
Additional InformationObvious workaround - change units (or non-dimensionalize) to eliminate this possibility
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hashcalcexample.tar (481,280 bytes)


2018-03-26 16:04

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