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0002617OpenFOAMContributionpublic2017-07-17 16:49
Reporterhuberta Assigned Tohenry  
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Summary0002617: BuoyantPimpleFoam crashes when no pressure is fixed
DescriptionI tried to run the hotroom tutorial with buoyantPimpleFOAM just changing all the BC to walls but using Boussinesq linear approximation to calculate the density. This case would then look similar to the hotroom tutorial available for the solver buoyantBoussinesqPimpleFOAM with BC changed to wall everywhere. However, the simulation crashes when running it with buoyantPimpleFOAM while it does not with buoyantBoussinesqPimpleFOAM
Steps To ReproduceA way to solve the problem is to set a reference pressure in a fixed point for the buoyantPimpleFOAM solver in the createFields.H file, the same way as it is done for the buoyantBoussinesqPimpleFOAM i.e.:

label pRefCell = 0;
scalar pRefValue = 0.0;

if (p_rgh.needReference())
    p += dimensionedScalar
        pRefValue - getRefCellValue(p, pRefCell)
Additional InformationBy doing so, in the case the pressure in not fixed via a pressure inlet BC or outlet, it would help to stabilize the calculation and prevent it from crashing
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2017-07-17 14:36

manager   ~0008403

Setting a reference pressure is only correct if the flow is incompressible as is the case with theBoussinesq equation of state. Have you tried running with your "fix" with the perfect gas or other compressible equations of state?


2017-07-17 15:17

reporter   ~0008404

you are right I was more focused on the incompressible case. When run with any other model (except polynomial) it does not need the "fix" suggested and the fix even makes the calculation crash in these cases.

So to sum up, the solver works fine with the set-up above without any modification. It is just when dealing with polynomial properties or Boussinesq approximation the "fix" suggested is needed


2017-07-17 15:22

manager   ~0008405

Can you provide a patch will work for any equation of state?


2017-07-17 16:49

manager   ~0008406

Resolved by commit 40ddc7204530d7724d31e04edf660707965e4c0e

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