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0002561OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2022-05-18 11:14
Reporterniklas.wikstromAssigned Towill 
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Summary0002561: cyclicACMI makes rhoCentral(DyM)Foam crash due to surface interpolation issue
DescriptionrhoCentralFoam crashes (sigFpe) immediately in time loop on a cases containing cyclicACMI patches. The cause of the sigFpe seems to be that "interpolate(rho,neg)" produces a zero rho_neg field, which is then used in the denominator to calculate U_neg (around line 88, rhoCentralFoam.C).

Thank you.
Steps To ReproduceUnpack attached small case.
run included script
run rhoCentralDyMFoam (or rhoCentralFoam)
Additional InformationCase runs as expected in OpenFOAM 3.x.
Case runs in OpenFOAM 4.x/dev using "linear" interpolation.
Case runs in OpenFOAM 4.x/dev using e.g. sonicFoam

(For completeness: Tested on Fedora-25;gcc-6.3.1 and Centos-7.3;gcc-4.8.5)
TagsACMI, cyclicACMI



2017-05-24 09:52


slidingBlockTestCase.tgz (7,909 bytes)


2017-05-24 10:04

reporter   ~0008185

I should perhaps mention that the same issue appears in version 4.x


2017-06-23 16:30

reporter   ~0008238

The issue is in cyclicACMIFvPatchField<Type>::patchNeighbourField().

Uncoupled faces assume a patchNeighbour value of 0. Attached version assumes a patchNeighbour value of the blockage patch (for uncoupled faces). Needs a bit of testing.


2017-06-23 16:30


cyclicACMIFvPatchField.C (8,252 bytes)


2017-06-30 10:42

reporter   ~0008294

Above fix adjusts only the patchNeighbour value so will unfortunately make e.g. Gauss gradient incorrect on the partially overlapping bits since the coupled part should only include coupled contributions and the blockage part only the 'wall' contributions. We probably have to have the value field calculated separately, instead of being calculated from internal and neighbour field.


2022-05-18 11:14

manager   ~0012593

Numerical issues with ACMI-based patch couplings have been resolved by the new Non-Conformal Coupled (NCC) development. See the following commit for explanation, and instructions for how to use NCC and convert cases from AMI.

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