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0002456OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2018-10-23 11:20
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Summary0002456: curvatureSeparation in 'Hot Boxes'-tutorial doesn't work
in the hotBoxes-tutorial of the reactingParcelFilmFoam the curvatureSeparation doesn't work.

Run the case, e.g 5s. In result-file ./5/uniform/regionModels/wallFilmRegion/wallFilmRegionOutputProperties all the injectedMass is due to drippingInjection and 0 for curvatureSeparation.

In addition, the wallFilm-height deltaf gets to high for my understanding. And then the minimum temperature in the thermoSingleLayer/wallFilm goes down to 270K instead staying at more less 300K.
I think it's a problem for the model if the wallFilm gets to high. But I think it's caused by the water not separating at the bottom of the boxes...
Steps To ReproduceRun hotBoxes-tutorial



2017-02-10 13:08

reporter   ~0007734

I've added a small testcase.

the curvatureSeperation is the only injectionModel activated. And there are some parcels generated. So curvatureSeperation seems to work.

But in 0.05 uniform/regionModels/wallFilmRegion/wallFilmRegionOutputProperties there is no count for the injected parcels by curvatureSeperation...


Note: the numeric instability is due to the high wallFilm height deltaf in beginning for demonstrating the effect in the first timesteps (3,499,933 bytes)


2017-02-10 14:58

reporter   ~0007737

I can confirm this problem with curvatureSeparation. I also attached a different testcase which shows this behaviour: When using curvatureSeparation only, the case gets instable and temperatures behave stange.
When using another model (BrunDripping or Dripping) the case stays stable.
I don't think it has something to do with the film height but rather with the model itself.

testcase_curvatureSeparation.tgz (8,749 bytes)

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