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0002366OpenFOAMFeaturepublic2016-12-03 11:49
Reporterjoegi Assigned Tohenry  
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Summary0002366: Add the option -dict to setFields
DescriptionVery often I do parametric studies and the option -dict for setFields can be helpful (just to avoid bash scripting).

Adding this option to all the utilities/apps that does not support it can be a good improvement.
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2016-12-01 18:26

manager   ~0007372

Can you provide the patch which adds this functionality?


2016-12-03 01:48

viewer   ~0007382

This should do the trick.

There are a few more utilities that does not support the option -dict but I don't recall them right now (I guess they are not important for me at the moment)
my_setFields.tar.gz (13,797 bytes)


2016-12-03 09:40

manager   ~0007383

It would be useful to avoid unnecessary code duplication if the standard header files are used to handle these common options. See for example topoSet.C:

    #include "addDictOption.H"
    const word dictName("topoSetDict");
    #include "setSystemMeshDictionaryIO.H"

or did you find that these were not applicable to setFields?


2016-12-03 11:49

manager   ~0007384

Resolved by commit 65402d6831a3e863f46ca2d417f484f6c2c6e969

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