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0002284OpenFOAMPatchpublic2016-10-06 14:23
ReporterMattijsJ Assigned Tohenry  
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PlatformGNU/LinuxOSOpenSuSEOS Version13.2
Product Versiondev 
Fixed in Versiondev 
Summary0002284: single argument plane constructors cause problems
DescriptionI was assigning to a fvPatchScalarField using a wrong syntax:

p.boundaryField()[patchi] == scalarField(..);

instead of

p.boundaryFieldRef()[patchi] == scalarField(..);

This compiles fine and uses the implicit plane-construct-from-scalarList which isn't exactly what I wanted.

Solution: make the single-argument plane constructors explicit.
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2016-10-06 14:23

manager   ~0006976

Resolved by commit 0a75f7853ceb4561e1bdfe2bbe5ec46df4d3c4f7

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