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0002264OpenFOAMBugpublic2016-09-22 23:05
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Summary0002264: Recent commit has a few old template definitions
DescriptionI noticed in today's commit 7a52d2a5b with the message "globalMeshData: Revert NULL -> nullptr", fixed a small detail that was done in commit 521d7a4ae.
Given that the message, I was curious and did a cursory glance at the commit 521d7a4ae and noticed a few "List<<T > >".

A bit of find+grep:

  find src applications/ -name "*.[CH]" -type f | xargs grep " > >"

found me the only file that had this older convention, namely in file "src/OpenFOAM/meshes/polyMesh/mapPolyMesh/mapDistribute/mapDistributeBaseTemplates.C"

I then checked for "> >" and it found "src/thermophysicalModels/chemistryModel/chemistrySolver/chemistrySolver/makeChemistrySolverTypes.H".

Sorry for not providing a patch in file form, but the following commands do the trick:

  sed -i -e 's= > >=>>=' src/OpenFOAM/meshes/polyMesh/mapPolyMesh/mapDistribute/mapDistributeBaseTemplates.C
  sed -i -e 's=> >=>>=' src/thermophysicalModels/chemistryModel/chemistrySolver/chemistrySolver/makeChemistrySolverTypes.H

Nonetheless, this brings me to ask: In which script file should we have checks for these coding conventions?
I know that the script "bin/tools/pre-commit-hook" will already do some of these checks, and I've used it with some success. But from past commits that I've seen, it doesn't seem to be always used, e.g. when the Copyright year is updated in another commit.
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2016-09-22 21:03

manager   ~0006908

Thanks for picking this up, I didn't go through every line of the patch which was obviously based on an older version of OpenFOAM-dev. I have fixed the "> >" and will commit shortly.

This code check could be added to pre-commit-hook as well as NULL -> nullptr.


2016-09-22 23:05

manager   ~0006909

Resolved by commit c169ca14f5152e37d4701cbb5c1191743e310c02

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