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0000226OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2011-06-23 14:25
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Summary0000226: ThirdParty builds, paraview/paraFoam.
DescriptionWould it be possible to simplify the build of paraview (even more..), when using locally compiled libraries?

Because Qt, openmpi and cmake were outdated on the server I am using, I had to download and compile all three locally in the ThirdParty file, using the links and the local scripts.

The compilation of all three went flawlessly, so no problems there. The only problem was getting paraview to compile with the local cmake and Qt, instead of the outdated system versions. I tried different options, googled around, but didn't manage to find the correct options to compile with the local cmake.

So I ended up making an alias "cmake" pointing to the new cmake, and compiled with:
./makeParaview -qmake /path/to/local/qmake
Which worked.

Could extra information be provided on how to compile paraview with the local cmake?

Thanks a bunch!

Kind regards,


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2011-06-23 14:25


I've added a '-cmake' option to the makeParaview script that allows users to specify alternative cmake executables - see (ThirdParty) commit


We'll also add some more usage notes for these scripts in the the near future.

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