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0002234OpenFOAMPatchpublic2016-09-06 12:58
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Summary0002234: algebraicPairGAMGAgglomeration agglomerates based on upper coefficients only
Descriptionit does

agglomerate(mesh, mag(matrix.upper()));

attached a fix for if asymmetric matrices.
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2016-09-04 19:48


algebraicPairGAMGAgglomeration.C (2,144 bytes)


2016-09-04 21:13

manager   ~0006822

Why use the max of the upper and lower coefficient?

> max(mag(matrix.upper()), mag(matrix.lower()))

What about using the sum:

mag(matrix.upper()) + mag(matrix.lower())


2016-09-06 12:46

reporter   ~0006833

From what I can see in the literature the strength of connections is taken as the max, e.g. from
"Also note that, with this defini-
tion of strength, it is possible that a point i strongly
depends on j, but point j only weakly depends on i,
even though A is symmetric"


2016-09-06 12:58

manager   ~0006835

Resolved by commit 4232f90093b87323bd3d96d9fab7b209f19ed1db

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