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0002222OpenFOAMBugpublic2016-08-30 12:16
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Summary0002222: A few update suggestions for the "OpenFOAM Repo" installation instructions
DescriptionThis report is following up on #2220, to avoid confusion with assistance being provided to the original reporter there, due to some of these missing steps.

The suggestions for the website instructions at are as follow:

  - On step #1 - - it should have a section dedicated to telling the user to log out from root mode or starting a new terminal window/tab. If not a section, it should have a note in section "Log in as system administrator". Or even place it in step #2 as a reminder:

  - On step #3 - - there use to be a section in the old website, on how to have the installation elsewhere. This information doesn't seem to be on the User Guide, so please recover it, either to a new page that can be referenced by any other instructions or as an additional section on step #3.

     - Same goes for the source pack instructions:

     - Instructions can be recovered from here:
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2016-08-30 12:16

manager   ~0006784

Modified the pages, I think satisfactorily enough. The old description with foamDotFile, etc, e.g. in 3.0.0, seems convoluted. Checking the sourced file exists ([ -f $foamDotFile ... ) seems unnecessary, we don't do it when the installation is in the "normal" location.

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