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0002212OpenFOAMPatchpublic2016-08-23 21:55
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Summary0002212: Remove dependency from "SCOTCH_ROOT" and repair "decompose/Allwclean"
DescriptionThe attached package patches two issues associated to the decomposition libraries for scotch and ptscotch at "src/parallel/decompose":

 1- Back in OpenFOAM 2.0.x, it was added to the "options" files for (pt)scotchDecomp libraries the use of the path variable "SCOTCH_ROOT", so that it will be able to link to another custom build of Scotch, e.g. one built by the admins of a cluster. Unfortunately, this is not documented anywhere and its use still requires "SCOTCH_ARCH_PATH" to be defined.

 2- With the recent change of the script "AllwmakeParseArguments" (after 4.0 was released), triggered a critical flaw in the script "src/parallel/decompose/Allwclean", because it is sourcing the previous script, leading to running "wmake" instead of cleaning up. This was my doing back on the 11th of June, in commit 07e5f2831b85.

The attached package "improve_pt_scotchDecomp_building_v1.tar.gz" provides the following fixes for the aforementioned files:

  - "src/parallel/decompose/Allwclean" - no longer sources "AllwmakeParseArguments" and removed dependency on "$targetType".

  - "src/parallel/decompose/scotchDecomp/Make/options" - a few changes:

      - Removed the use of "SCOTCH_ROOT"

      - Increased use of "SCOTCH_ARCH_PATH" a little bit, so that it now includes "$(SCOTCH_ARCH_PATH)/lib" for the library search path. Although this is a risk, the standard building scripts for Scotch that OpenFOAM uses will never populate this path with libraries.

      - Added line breaks and line change characters for the "LIB_LIBS" entry, so that it's consistent with all other "options" files.

  - "src/parallel/decompose/ptscotchDecomp/Make/options" - similar to the changes made to "scotchDecomp", with the following exception:

         - -I$(SCOTCH_ROOT)/include \
              -I$(SCOTCH_ARCH_PATH)/include/$(FOAM_MPI) \
         + -I$(SCOTCH_ARCH_PATH)/include \

      - In other words, this is for ensuring that the old "$(SCOTCH_ROOT)/include" convention still works, which would be common in custom administrative installations where there is only one build of scotch+ptscotch that links to a single MPI.
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Resolved by commit 9354748814e0c6379a14d814f8a91ddf1ba2c5bf

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