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0002206OpenFOAMBugpublic2016-08-30 12:23
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Summary0002206: Link for the latest PDF version or update the User Guide PDF at OpenFOAM-dev
DescriptionEven though many people will use the online version of the OpenFOAM User Guide, it's useful to have a standard link for the PDF version of the User Guide, for those situations where people need the PDF file and don't have an OpenFOAM installation handy.

Therefore, this report is to request one or more of the following:

 1- Please update the User Guide PDF file at the OpenFOAM-dev repository.

 2- Please provide a link for the latest PDF file somewhere at - worse case scenario, a link at would do the trick.

Additional InformationOne of the reasons why I need this is for updating the links at, given that the files at are no longer being updated.

For now, I'm going to use
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2016-08-20 13:31

manager   ~0006714

I have just updated the guides in OpenFOAM-dev to the latest from the OpenFOAM-4.x repository. The appropriate link for the A4 version is now:


2016-08-30 12:22

manager   ~0006785

Added "User Guide - PDF" slide to slider on:

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