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0002178OpenFOAMPatchpublic2016-08-03 19:46
Reporteruser696Assigned Tohenry  
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Summary0002178: segfault is possible in FixedList constructor (based on code inspection)
DescriptionIn the constructor FixedList<T, Size>::FixedList(const UList<T>& lst)


    for (unsigned i=0; i<Size; i++)
        v_[i] = lst[i];

The checkSize() tests that [0 <= lst.size() <= Size] prior to the loop.
But when lst.size() < Size then lst[i] is not guaranteed to be addressable throughout the 0-Size range.

The same applies to the '=' operator.

The constructor and operator= from SLList<T>& are OK since they terminate as soon as running out of items.

The size() check in FixedList::writeEntry() is redundant.
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2016-08-03 16:22

manager   ~0006633

checkSize() should check equality 'if (unsigned(size) == Size)', I will make this change.

> The size() check in FixedList::writeEntry() is redundant.

Why? It looks like a useful quick rejection to me.


2016-08-03 17:07


Because by definition, size() is Size for FixedList and this is positive non-zero:

        Size && Size <= INT_MAX,
        "Size must be positive (non-zero) and also fit as a signed value"

It is a compile-time 'true', not a quick rejection, and thus redundant.
Sure the compiler will remove it, but we could too.

Maybe also less cluttered to have this too:

     const word listToken("List<" + word(pTraits<T>::typeName) + '>');
     if (token::compound::isCompound(listToken))
         os << listToken << token::SPACE;

Sure the compiler can manage either way, but I think this looks less noisy.


2016-08-03 19:46

manager   ~0006643

Resolved by commit 232a2a092c84f6aba8a56dcdf51d75daa69e78bc

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