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0002125OpenFOAMBugpublic2016-06-20 10:08
Reporteruser696Assigned Tohenry  
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Summary0002125: wclean all does not use Allwclean in subdirectories
DescriptionIn lines 224-229 in wclean script, it is clear that using "wclean all" only uses the top-level Allwclean and will not actually recurse for Allwclean.
Instead it goes for things with 'Make' directories and then issues a plain wclean for these. This means that any 'Allwclean' present there will not be used, ever.

As a minimal workaround:

        # For all the sub-directories containing a 'Make' directory
        for dir in `find . \( -type d -a -name Make \)`
            dir=${dir%/Make} # Parent directory - trim /Make from the end
            echo $dir
            if [ -e "$dir/Allwclean" ]
                $0 $dir
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2016-06-20 10:08

manager   ~0006448

Resolved by commit 9321273c26f5c7ad9e972f316f72ce7296930909

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