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0002117OpenFOAMBugpublic2016-06-13 10:37
Reporterwyldckat Assigned Tohenry  
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Fixed in Versiondev 
Summary0002117: Typo in "volFlowRateSurface.cfg" due to auto-rename and other related issues
DescriptionIn today's commit 1d7e1a7ad56bd12, in the file "etc/caseDicts/postProcessing/flowRate/volFlowRateSurface.cfg" was an auto-rename "surfaceSource.cfg" to "sursurfaceRegion.cfg".

Although, this is a bit strange... please take a look into "volFlowRateSurface.cfg" and "flowRatePatch.cfg". You'll see that both are trying to include other files at "etc/caseDicts/postProcessing/flowRate/", which do not exist in there.

The first one should be including "etc/caseDicts/postProcessing/surfaceRegion/surfaceRegion.cfg" and the second one should perhaps be including "etc/caseDicts/postProcessing/surfaceRegion/patch.cfg"?
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2016-06-12 22:31

manager   ~0006435

Thanks for reporting.

Resolved by commit f49025ac86cd0fb97a111a7f67c03b7b68dc4826

These configuration files are still being developed, updated and tested and the work on the flowrate configuration has not yet been tested.


2016-06-13 10:37

manager   ~0006436

Resolved, now

postProcess -funcs '(flowRatePatch(name=inlet))'


postProcess -funcs '(flowRatePatch(name=inlet) flowRatePatch(name=outlet))'

work correctly.

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