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0002034ThirdPartyBugpublic2016-03-30 19:30
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Summary0002034: Proposed environment override for isolating ParaView's ".git" lookup
DescriptionIn issue #1986 was somewhat reported and a partial fix was done for a problem where the script "CMake/ParaViewDetermineVersion.cmake" in at least ParaView 4.4 and 5.0 will pick-up by mistake the version number "3.0", which lead to installing ParaView's builds at the folders "ParaView-*/*/paraview-3.0".

The reason why this happens is because in the "ThirdParty-dev" repository is the tag "version-3.0.0":
This occurs because the command "git describe" is used to collect from this tag for the version information, which will in turn report something like this:


After some researching into how Git provides the ability to isolate paths, my search ended at the manual for "git config": - where "core.worktree" mentions a few overriding environment variables and "GIT_DIR" in specific can be used to block this issue from ever happening again... as long as we use the "makeParaView*" scripts.

Attached are the following packages:

  - ParaView_Function_updates.tar.gz - Meant to be unpacked in the directory "ThirdParty-dev" and provides the simple fix for the files "etc/tools/ParaView*Functions", namely to run the following command at the end of the function "setDirs()":

       export GIT_DIR=$ParaView_SOURCE_DIR/.git

  - paraview_shell_updates.tar.gz - Meant for the directory "OpenFOAM-dev", which updates the files "etc/config.*/paraview" to no longer use the replacement folder "paraview-3.0" if found.

The first package can be deployed straight away in ThirdParty-dev; but I'm not certain when the second package should be deployed in OpenFOAM-dev, even though it's the development branch, which is in constant evolution.
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related to 0001986 closedhenry ParaView 4.4.0 (and 5.0.0) fails to detect source code version 



2016-03-27 20:22



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2016-03-30 19:30

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Thanks for sorting this out Bruno.

Resolved in OpenFOAM-dev by commit c7179bd0d08d183f4f2a9d0b9af1df3e84d12ca2
Resolved in ThirdParty-dev by commit 8c9c235db686de2612c62112b37e132bfa773b16

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