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0001990OpenFOAMBugpublic2016-02-12 12:07
Reportertniemi Assigned Tohenry  
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Summary0001990: particle.H, incorrect DefinePropertyList string
DescriptionIn the latest modification to src/lagrangian/basic/particle/particleIO.C, the p.faceI_ and p.stepFraction_ properties were added to ASCII input/output. However, these properties are missing from the propertyList_ string which should list all the properties that belong to a particle. (The string is used as a header in eg. PatchPostProcessing CloudFunctionObject)

To fix this, the line 316 in particle.H should be changed from

DefinePropertyList("(Px Py Pz) cellI tetFaceI tetPtI origProc origId");


DefinePropertyList("(Px Py Pz) cellI faceI stepFraction tetFaceI tetPtI origProc origId");
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2016-02-12 12:07

manager   ~0005938

Resolved by commit 3755883476d5d7e975f035cf4c50f19f5fb579bb

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