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0001713OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2015-05-29 23:43
ReporterdhoraAssigned Tohenry 
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Summary0001713: fvOptions - access to makeRelative in MRFZone
DescriptionHaving access to makeRelative(volVectorField& U) in MRFZone would be a good feature and bring back a very helpful functionality that was available in the past. Only minor modifications would be necessary.
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2015-05-27 19:47


fvOptions.tar.gz (8,156 bytes)


2015-05-27 20:06

manager   ~0004821

I am working on separating MRF support from fvOptions and handling such transformations separately so that the same API can be used for single and multiphase solvers and radically simplifying fvOptions. This will also provide access to the MRF functions as before.


2015-05-27 20:14

reporter   ~0004822

Sounds good. Thanks.


2015-05-29 23:43

manager   ~0004845

Resolved by commit 2b9a2adf8c595f08cea017b4732e142391c81359

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