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0001556OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2015-03-05 17:21
ReportertniemiAssigned Tohenry 
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Summary0001556: Lagrangian PatchInjection, wrong number of injected parcels in parallel cases
DescriptionIn parallel cases a wrong number of parcels can be injected, if a patch is shared between multiple processors. This is due to a bug in the algorithm which decides the injecting processor.

The injecting processor is determined in patchInjectionBase.C in lines 168-178. The problem is that each processor computes a separate areaFraction in line 168. If the random generators are not in a same state, each processor gets a different areaFraction. This can lead to errors, because different processors can have different ideas on who's turn it is to inject the parcel.

The problem can be simply fixed by forcing a unique areaFraction to each processor. I tested a quick fix, which worked ok (placed in the beginning of the function for reduce to work):

scalar areaFraction = 0;
if (Pstream::master())
    areaFraction = rnd.position<scalar>(0, patchArea_);
reduce(areaFraction, sumOp<scalar>());

Also I think that the check in line 173 (areaFraction > sumTriMagSf_[i]) should have a >=, because otherwise if areaFraction == 0 no parcel will be injected. (extremely rare but possible)
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2015-03-05 11:54

manager   ~0003961

Thanks, I will work on this later today. If you could attach your corrected patchInjectionBase.C it would help.


2015-03-05 11:55


patchInjectionBase.C (7,248 bytes)


2015-03-05 11:58

reporter   ~0003962

Uploaded. My fix is very quick and dirty and probably can be done more elegantly. I'm not just very good with the Pstream/parallel syntax :)


2015-03-05 15:50

manager   ~0003964

Thanks. So the proposal is to calculate the areaFraction only on the master and distribute to the slaves? I will look at a better approach than using a sum-reduction.


2015-03-05 17:09

manager   ~0003966

Conceptually the scatter function is more appropriate:

    scalar areaFraction = 0;

    if (Pstream::master())
        areaFraction = rnd.position<scalar>(0, patchArea_);



2015-03-05 17:21

manager   ~0003967

Resolved by commit b6a9960198a8b8492cf33a5a467c38580ad698b7

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