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0001501OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2015-01-27 10:47
ReporterderekmAssigned Tohenry 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformGNU/LinuxOSOpenSuSEOS Version12.3
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Summary0001501: ViewFactorsGen - exceeds internal hardcoded limit
Descriptionmodel with good mesh runs into error in ViewFactorsGen
Dynamic list need from capacity.Actual size maxDynListLength : 100000

    From function shootRays
    in file shootRays.H at line 63.

changing values in viewFactorsDict does not improve.
A change to a higher value works.
Steps To ReproduceA clean copy of tutorial chtMultiRegionHeaterRadiation has the mesh inserted and changed to allow for reduced number of regions (remove bottom air and left solid) and changes in Changedict to cater for in patch contact with the regions.

Values in Viewfactorsdict are changed for two patches so that faceAgglomerate does not crash.

Running the modified tutorial crashes at viewfactorgen.

changing the hardcoded limit in shootRays.H to a parameter in viewfactordict enables viewfactorgen when set the limit to a highvalue

Additional InformationThe followingChanged code in Shootrays.H is working
// Maximum lenght for dynamicList
const label maxDynListLength = 100000;

// Maximum lenght for dynamicList
//const label maxDynListLength = 100000;
const label maxDynListLength =
       viewFactorDict.lookupOrDefault<label>("maxDynListLength", 100000);
 if (Pstream::master())
    { Info << "\nmaxDynListLength: "<< maxDynListLength << endl; }
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2015-01-26 18:30


Thanks for the review. I'll evaluate your suggestion.


2015-01-27 10:46

manager   ~0003588

Thanks for the bug-report and fix.
Resolved by commit 9ae53dec4ab906ff04593330fbe7f33552534ab3

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