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0001422OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2015-03-11 16:59
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Summary0001422: neighbour face search in cyclicAMI
DescriptionProblems can be observed if one patch of an (e.g. cylindrical) AMI interface is split by a baffle with zero thickness into two or more separate regions. The neighbour face search algorithm doesn't find all the neighbour faces and sum(weights) can deviate significantly from 1.



2015-03-05 09:11


The neighbour search should re-start until all is covered. Do you have a (simple) testcase for this?


2015-03-05 15:22


foam_ami.tar.gz (310,021 bytes)


2015-03-05 15:23

reporter   ~0003963

You can run the case with pimpleDyMFoam.


2015-03-10 12:52


tgtWeights.png (52,901 bytes)
tgtWeights.png (52,901 bytes)


2015-03-10 12:58


We can replicate the problem. Attached the output from moveDynamicMesh -checkAMI at time 0.02408554. It is indeed the baffle which breaks the advancing front algorithm that finds the weights. Can you work around it while we think about this one?


2015-03-10 16:25


As a workaround:
- make sure you don't have duplicated points on the baffle so the slave patch is continuous (you can see these duplicated points with checkMesh -allGeometry)
- or put the static side faces in INT-SIDE-2, the rotating side faces in -1 again to do the same


2015-03-11 16:59

reporter   ~0004087

It's not an urgent issue. Nevertheless, thanks a lot for the workaround.

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