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0001337OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2015-04-30 19:29
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Summary0001337: interDyMFoam performance of parallel solving depends on position of pressure reference point in enclosed space
DescriptionOne Japanese user reported that the performance of interDyMFoam parallel solving depends on position of pressure reference point in enclosed space.
I attached report and case.
He needs comment about reason of it.
If it is like bug, he hopes to fix.

OS:Linux Mint13 (Ubuntu 12.04)



2014-07-07 08:50 (685,044 bytes)


2014-07-07 09:42

manager   ~0003151

The test-case is using AMI, do you find the same behaviour for moving-mesh cases without AMI?


2014-07-08 03:02


No, he doesn't have experience without AMI.


2014-07-08 07:32

manager   ~0003155

No problem, we will wait for results without AMI before investigating further.


2014-07-09 06:32 (286,754 bytes)


2014-07-09 06:32


He tested it without AMI.
the result shows there is no problem.
So,Do you think AMI seems to have issues ?


2014-07-09 07:39

manager   ~0003158

Yes the AMI has boundedness and conservation issues which are particularly serious for VoF.

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