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0000114OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2010-12-21 13:26
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Summary0000114: turbulentTemperatureCoupledBaffleMixed: Inconsistent class description and implemention
DescriptionThe class description for the class


The decription in the .H file:

    Mixed boundary condition for temperature, to be used for heat-transfer
    on back-to-back baffles.

    If my temperature is T1, neighbour is T2:

    T1 > T2: my side becomes fixedValue T2 bc, other side becomes fixedGradient."

appears to describe the option 1. outlined in the .C file:

   "// 1. specify above temperature on one side (preferentially the high side)
    // and above gradient on the other. So this will switch between pure
    // fixedvalue and pure fixedgradient"
However, the implementation follows the option 2.:

   "// 2. specify gradient and temperature such that the equations are the
    // same on both sides. This leads to the choice of
    // - refGradient = zero gradient
    // - refValue = neighbour value
    // - mixFraction = nbrKDelta / (nbrKDelta + myKDelta())

    this->refValue() = nbrIntFld;
    this->refGrad() = 0.0;
    this->valueFraction() = nbrKDelta / (nbrKDelta + myKDelta());
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2010-12-21 13:26


Thanks for spotting it and reporting. Fixed in 4bec947c566b4c0e805b8e94e25926abd52b5ac2.

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