Released 2022-07-12
0003858: [Patch] OpenFOAM 10 cannot be compiled with 64 bits labels (will)
0003970: [Bug] inconsistent behavior of createNonConformalCouples in some mesh in serial and parallel execution (will)
0003967: [Bug] Case with NCC crashses in parallel (will)
0003965: [Bug] fpe in data conversion / postprocessing for case with NCC Interface (will)
0003928: [Bug] dynamicMesh: refiner does not write refinementHistory correctly (henry)
0003918: [Bug] Strange behavior with eIcoTabulated (henry)
0003915: [Bug] First summand is added twice in integratedNonUniformTable (henry)
0003905: [Bug] EDC v2016 - wrong limits (henry)
0003916: [Bug] Reconstructing a mesh with a Cyclic/Fixed Jump condition returns error (will)
0003902: [Bug] Error in NCC simulations using 2nd order ddt schemes (will)
0003896: [Bug] Creation of cyclic baffles fails with OpenFOAM 10 (will)
0003895: [Bug] C++ compilation error algorithms/FvFaceCellWave/FvFaceCellWaveName.C (will)
0003892: [Bug] Decomposing of a NCC case with velocityComponentLaplacian motion solver fails (will)
0003889: [Bug] The rhoPimpleFoam forwardStep tutorial, as packaged in OpenFOAM 10, encounters a negative temperature. (henry)
0003882: [Bug] externalWallHeatFluxTemperature Q handled incorrectly (will)
0003881: [Bug] topoSet - patchDistanceToCell crashes (will)
0003876: [Bug] createNonConformalCouples fails for region meshes (will)
0003866: [Bug] patchFlowRateInjection + SprayCloud (will)
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