Released 2021-07-20
0003747: [Bug] constAnIso works rather than constAnIsoSolid (henry)
0003743: [Bug] Possible error in unityLewisFourier::j (henry)
0003739: [Bug] Dimension error in functionObjects/field/comfort.C (henry)
0003735: [Bug] eConstThermo, hConstThermo , minor error in doc (henry)
0003733: [Bug] transport model can't be turned on/off on the fly (henry)
0003728: [Bug] If multiple meanVelocityForce entries are specified in cellZones only the first entry will be considered.. (henry)
0003722: [Bug] mapFieldsPar hangs due to issue at createTimes.H (henry)
0003719: [Bug] Composition properties missing (will)
0003717: [Patch] Dynamic compilation of TDACChemistryModel fails (henry)
0003711: [Bug] heheuPsiThermo does not update Cp and Cv (henry)
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