Released 2018-07-10
0003084: [Bug] Lagrangian KinematicParcel hitPatch called on inactive parcel => LocalInteraction number of stuck parcels is wrong (will)
0003203: [Bug] blockMesh false faces on axis in wedge block (henry)
0003189: [Bug] MPIRun with interFoam crashes (will)
0003185: [Bug] swirlFlowRateInletVelocityFvPatchVectorField not working in parallel (henry)
0003173: [Bug] buoyantPimpleFoam with nOuterCorrectors crashes (regression from OpenFOAM 5) (will)
0003166: [Bug] Segmentation fault when particles are passing ACMI_blockages (will)
0003155: [Bug] simplifiedSiwek crashs with floating point exception (core dumped) (henry)
0003136: [Bug] Wrong dynamic viscosity computed for the liquid nitrogen (henry)
0003132: [Bug] Computing heat transfer with StationaryPhaseModel in reactingMultiphaseEulerFoam fails (will)
0003130: [Bug] Compilation error in OpenFOAM-6 (henry)
0003122: [Patch] fieldAverageItem prints out incorrect value (henry)
0003055: [Feature] "postProcess -func yPlus" cannot calculate y+ for more than 1 folder at a time (chris)
0003105: [Bug] chtMultiRegionFoam checks for closedVolume in transient (PIMPLE) case, where it probably should not (will)
0003088: [Patch] Proposition for wmRefresh with Bash to not use aliases (henry)
0003012: [Patch] Allclean in new singleFluidCHT template does not get regionDirs (henry)
0003070: [Bug] Wrong linking being used by "-doc" & "-srcDoc" options (henry)
0003067: [Bug] Wrong linking being used by "-doc" & "-srcDoc" options (henry)
0003062: [Patch] Radiation BCs, missing autoMap and rmap (henry)
0003019: [Bug] OF 6 wallHeatFlux utility not working on chtMultiRegionFoam tutorials (will)
0003026: [Bug] rhoCentralFoam, sonicFoam results in version 5 and 6 don't match previous version results which have been validated (henry)
0003029: [Bug] wingMotion tutorial crash up after a period of time (henry)
0003025: [Bug] wallHeatFlux Utility - Error in new versions - internalEnergy/Enthalpy mismatch for sonicFoam and rhoCentralFoam (henry)
0003013: [Patch] Typo in surfaces case dict (henry)
0003016: [Bug] bug in rigidBodyMotion solver (henry)
0003015: [Bug] eigenValue and eigenVector computation give wrong results (will)
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