Released 2017-07-26
0002951: [Patch] Several descriptions in headers still mention 'fileName' instead of 'file' (henry)
0002899: [Bug] compressibleInterFoam does not calculate T.phase1 and T.phase2 on boundaries (henry)
0002894: [Patch] Typos in the omega header file in wingMotion tutorial (henry)
0002890: [Bug] tutorial damBreakPorousBaffle crashes early (henry)
0002838: [Patch] intel compiler support of makeCGAL (henry)
0002822: [Bug] Missinig time dimension in Euler Scheme for moving mesh (henry)
0002805: [Bug] Description of particleTrap CloudFunctionObject has minor error (will)
0002792: [Bug] postProcess in parallel (henry)
0002785: [Bug] compressibleInterFoam issue with transonic option and mass conservation (henry)
0002786: [Patch] POSIX.C: minor textual inconsistencies on the threading functions near the end (henry)
0002780: [Bug] error when bash_completion is sourced (henry)
0002777: [Bug] Minor error in string representation of Lagrangian particle's properties (will)
0002772: [Bug] SprayDyMFoam gave a wrong parcel distribution as dynamic mesh is used. The parcel distribution is straight aligned (will)
0002722: [Feature] Wall Heat Flux function object (henry)
0002774: [Patch] Error on reconstructPar after decomposing an fluent3DMeshToFoam mesh (henry)
0002747: [Bug] 'decomposedBlockData.C' is not compiling with 64-bit labels (henry)
0002750: [Bug] Error compiling OpenFOAM 5.x (henry)
0002748: [Bug] externalWallHeatFluxTemperature boundary condition needs dictionary entry kappa but does request it (henry)
0002734: [Bug] setWaves with compressibleMultiphaseInterFoam - waveAlpha sets air phase boundary condition wrong? (will)
0002669: [Bug] Crash using new collated format (henry)
0002712: [Patch] snappyHexMesh + mirrorMesh not adaptive meshing ready (henry)
0002739: [Bug] runTime.path() incorrect when using collated fileHandler (henry)
0002740: [Bug] Basic Matrix-Field Multiplication broken for Rectangular matrices (henry)
0002728: [Bug] nearWallFields fails to produce field on some meshes (will)
0002729: [Bug] nearWallFields doesn't really take into account distance parameter and thus produce incorrect value (henry)
0002720: [Bug] chtMultiRegionSimpleFoam - converged time step will not be saved (henry)
0002710: [Contribution] blockMesh addNote part gives an diagram of clockwise coordinate system (henry)
0002714: [Bug] thermoFoam: duplicate header file inclusion (henry)
0002699: [Bug] Eulerian multiphase, faceMomentum: fvOption rho sources are neglected in momentum equations (henry)
0002691: [Bug] Unable to convert UNV mesh (henry)
0002667: [Bug] purgeWrite does not work in the collated file format (henry)
0002663: [Bug] Possible bug in chtMultiRegionFoam (chtMultiRegionFoam/fluid/pEqn.H) of V5.0 (henry)
0002657: [Bug] Issue with the path to the CGAL libraries (henry)
0002637: [Patch] need modification in makeCGAL for CGAL 4.9.x (henry)
0002648: [Bug] makeCMake has a hard coded version of cmake which is to old for building paraview (henry)
0002645: [Bug] fileHandler option missing due to wrong static initialization order (henry)
0002636: [Bug] Sourcing bashrc using the ksh shell in 5.0 (henry)
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